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Exit EA PSAR closes your open trades when the price hits the indicator PSAR (Parabolic SAR) in proper direction.

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Exit EA PSAR is a tool, which can close your trades when the price hits the indicator PSAR (Parabolic SAR) in proper direction.

You have full control which trades will be closed. When the price hits the particular indicator in proper direction, Exit EA can:

  • indicator’s parameters can be changed as INPUT PARAMETERS of Exit EA
  • manage ANY NUMBER OF OPENED TRADES at once

You can use many instances of same Exit EA at once (each on its own chart), on same or on different time frames of particular forex pair, each time with different input parameters.


WHAT ARE Exit Expert Advisers (Exit EAs):

Exit Expert Advisers are very useful tools, which can close your trades when the price hits the respected indicator in proper direction.

Exit EAs can be used to build own strategy in very flexible way (which can vary a lot from trader to trader). They are not a “black box”, with fixed strategy given by developer, with his decision which indicator to use and how, on which time frame, etc.. You can freely decide which indicator will be respected (using different Exit EAs), you can use them also on more different time frames of one particular pair at once, each time with free choice to close only all trades in profit, all trades in loss or to close all trades (regardless of profit or loss), all of these independently for long and short trades.

Exit EAs have input parameters, in most cases separated for long trades and for short trades inside one single Exit EA. There is often also an option to change the “shift” parameter, so they can react faster or slower to the market conditions.

Most of Exit EAs have also option to change the parameters of respected indicator, to test strategies with different indicator settings.

Exit EAs are simple, but very flexible tools in your hands, to build your own strategy, how to close your open trades.

It’s very simple to use more Exit EAs on each chosen currency pair, to close any number of opened trades on that pair in as many different ways as you want, using more different Exit EAs at once, each Exit EA closing open trades respecting another indicator by choice, on same or more different time frames, with totally different settings inside each instance of Exit EA.

Exit EAs are not a trading system, they are exactly what they tell with their name. They are tools for an advanced beginner or for professional trader, which offer many ways how to handle the trades which are already running.

Exit EAs can manage any number of open trades, regardless how they were opened, manually or by another EA on that particular pair.

Exit EAs don’t open a trade on its own and they don’t show where the entry should be. They also don’t set a fixed, hard Stop Loss of a trade, that is respectably left to a trader regarding his own entry strategy.

Exit EAs help traders to let their trades run depending on the indicator of their choice, what can be useful especially on higher time frames, when traders are often afraid to let trades run longer, so they often close them too early, or they close trades too late, when price already crossed the particular indicator which they wanted to respect.

Exit EAs let you combine different exit strategies, respecting different indicators on different time frames, independently for long and short trades, each time giving choice to close only trades in profit or in loss or all trades.

Although Exit EAs don’t set a fixed, hard Stop Loss of trade (that should be part of trader’s strategy when he open the trades), it’s still possible to use Exit EAs also as a tool to close trades in losses, when the price hits the particular indicator in proper way, to use that indicator as a dynamic stop loss. Some trading skills are surely required to manage losing trades in such way.

In other words, Exit EAs can be used as a trailing stop loss to close profitable trades respecting particular indicator in proper way. And they can be used also as dynamic stop loss respecting particular indicator in proper way (what is mostly advised to more advanced traders). As usually additional and independent Stop Loss is recommended to use every time with every trade too.


For instance, you can close only long and profitable trades on one time frame respecting one indicator, while closing only long and losing trades on another time frame respecting another indicator. And then you can use completely different strategy for short trades (independently for profitable and losing trades, on any time frame, respecting different indicators / Exit EAs).


You can use Exit EA BB (Bollinger Band) to close only profitable trades on M15 at the peaks of the price and Exit EA PSAR (Parabolic SAR) to close profitable trades on M30 on the price’s pull back. And then you maybe decide to use Exit EA RSI (Relative Strength Index) as dynamic stop loss to close all trades (also losing trades) on maybe M30 at particular RSI level by choice (which can be set independently for long and short trades). And then again another Exit EA with another strategy to close short trades. There are limitless ways how to use these Exit EAs.


Exit EAs are here to help to close trades using indicators as trailing SL, something what many traders do manually or in their mind. For instance, when traders are moving Stop Loss manually on each candle. There are numerous videos, where even experienced and professional traders are showing their trading strategy, while they are moving SL on each candle manually, respecting one indicator only (usually only moving average on one time frame which they show). This is where Exit EA comes to help.

Exit EAs are small but great and strong tools to close trades respecting various indicators in many possible ways. You can combine different Exit EAs together, on different time frames, closing trades in profit, trades in loss or all trades and all of these independently for long and short trades, while changing also the inside parameters of respected indicator.

Your trading will also get inspired in many new ways. For instance, you will see the price crossing the PSAR or maybe Bollinger Band envelope or maybe particular RSI level. And you will see a possible trade which you maybe wouldn’t notice if you wouldn’t use these Exit EAs. So you will just open a trade at particular price or point of time and let the Exit EA help you to close it with nice profit, which might be greater than if you would close that trade on your own. This way, your trading will become much more restful, enjoyable and very probably also more profitable.

There is nothing like that on the forex market. ExitEAs are simple but very flexible tools to use. It’s a great fun to build your own trading strategy in such a way too.

More Exit EAs will be added to the collection during the time, so you can use them freely to build your own best strategy on closing your trades. There is nothing what can hold you back from having each and every Exit EA offered here, to include it into your trading, to build your own original strategy, suited to your own trading style, regardless are you a scalper on M1 or M5 time frame, daily trader or maybe a swing trader on highest time frames. Exit EAs are here for you to suit any trading style you have.


I set the prices of Exit EAs extremely low, so they are very affordable to everyone. And believe me, you can get what you paid for them very soon back through the profits. For instance, during short test of my Exit EA, using Exit EA PSAR on M5, trading only 0.05 lotsize, it happened that particular trade (which I opened manually) was closed with over $23 of profit (cca 45 pips). It was a trade which I most probably wouldn’t close that good manually if there wouldn’t be Exit EA PSAR on that chart. Such trades can happen over and over again.

It’s a great feeling when you can walk away from your trades knowing that Exit EAs will close your open trades safely, depending on your chosen strategy. And it’s a pleasure to see later that they closed these trades in nice profits too. I’m sure you will enjoy a lot using all these Exit EAs. At this time, you can get any or all of them for really very affordable and insanely low prices.

You and me both know that I could easily charge for these Exit EAs much much more, so don’t wait that I change my mind and set these prices at least 5 times higher. Get them immediately and start using them now!



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